Urban Legends S1

‘Urban Legends’ – Are they truth? Are they fiction? As seen on TLC and hosted by Natasha Henstridge. Each generation seems to spawn its own classic and compelling tales, or ‘Urban Legends’. These legends blur the line between truth and fiction.  Also known as Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed.


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1.  Urban Legends – Season 1, Episode 1:   Episode 1 features: The Hook, The Funhouse, The Choking Doberman, The Birthday Suit and The Deadly Topcoat.

2. Urban Legends – Season 1, Episode 2:  Episode 2 features: The Death Car, Lucky Shot, 911 Surender, The Legend of Nari-Pon, Earthquake Smashes Car Thief.

3. Urban Legends – Season 1, Episode 3:  Episode 3 features: The Boyfeind’s Death, The Exploding Toilet, The Kentucky-Fried Rat, Swept Under The Rug, The Threatened Babysitter.

4. Urban Legends – Season 1, Episode 4:  Episode 4 features: Body on the Bumper, The Swallowed Cell Phone, Junk Food Justice, Amed With A Snake, Brewing Up A Body.

5. Urban Legends – Season 1, Episode 5:  Episode 5 features: Afterlife Airline, Bouquet Target, The Collapsing Killer, Costumed Chainsaw Killer, Grandma’s Secret Recipe.

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