Urban Legends S2

‘Urban Legends’ – Are they truth? Are they fiction? As seen on TLC and hosted by Natasha Henstridge. Each generation seems to spawn its own classic and compelling tales, or ‘Urban Legends’. These legends blur the line between truth and fiction.  Also known as Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed.


Watch all 5 episodes of Urban Legends – Season 2 for Free!

1.  Urban Legends – Season 2 Episode 1:  Episode 1 features: Mistaken Mental Case, Room Disservice, Coffee Table Cadaver, Scorpion King, Kicked By A Corpse.

2. Urban Legends – Season 2 Episode 2:  Episode 2 features: Predicted Campus Killings, Stuck Santa, Hawaiian Curse, Dead Daughter Discount and Rocket Radar.

3. Urban Legends – Season 2 Episode 3:  Episode 3 features: Posing As Policeman, Tapeworm Diet Aid, Boots that Bite, Teaching About Tea.

4. Urban Legends – Season 2 Episode 4:  Episode 4 features: High Beams in the Rear View Mirror, Up, Up and Away, Poodles With Noodles, The Runaway Grandmother, The Deadly Dress.

5. Urban Legends – Season 2 Episode 5: Episode 5 features: The Roommate’s Death, Plane Decompression, For the Birds, The Mexican Pet, Klingerman Virus.

Watch all 4 Seasons (22 Episodes) of Urban Legends for Free!









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