Urban Legends S4

‘Urban Legends’ – Are they truth? Are they fiction? As seen on TLC and hosted by Natasha Henstridge. Each generation seems to spawn its own classic and compelling tales, or ‘Urban Legends’. These legends blur the line between truth and fiction.  Also known as Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed.


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1.  Urban Legends – Season 4 Episode 1:  Episode 1 features: Perfume Poisoning, The Strangling Statue, Bad Bacteria Bananas, The Vengeful Vending Machine, A Costume Affair.

2. Urban Legends – Season 4 Episode 2:  Episode 2 features: Deadly Envelope, Bride in a Box, Ghostly Last Rites, The $3 Million Dollar Trip, The Concrete Convertible.

3. Urban Legends – Season 4 Episode 3:  Episode 3 features: Getting the Finger, Campus Suicide Rule, Celebrity Snub, Declaration Discovery, Prostitution Permission Slip.

4. Urban Legends – Season 4 Episode 4:  Episode 4 features: Death Row Suicide, Cactus Spiders, The Magic Carburetor, On the Wrong Track, The Broil Bride.

5. Urban Legends – Season 4 Episode 5:  Episode 5 features: Home Liposuction, Knife Wielding Bag Lady, Furby Spy Toy, Dirty Pool, Abandoned by the R.V.

6. Urban Legends – Season 4 Episode 6:  Episode 6 features: Going for the Gopher, The Room that wasn’t There, The Exam Scam, The Copped Car, The Cremated Kid.

Watch all 4 Seasons (22 Episodes) of Urban Legends for Free!









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