“Vanishing Waves Is Just The Type Of Intelligent Film The Sci-Fi Genre Needs” — FilmSchoolRejects

January 3, 2016 
Vanishing Waves is a hallucinatory, erotic science fiction film that takes the protagonist — and the viewer — into the world of another person’s brain.

Aurora is a comatose young girl with whom scientists hope to interact. She has not awoken since she nearly drowned. Now, however, there is a new technology which should allow one person to access another person’s thoughts. Lukas, a young researcher, accepts being the first to try out the technology.

The sensory-deprivation tank is supposed to provide Lukas with the ability to read her thoughts. However, he discovers that they are able, mentally, to respond to one another, which they do — in an increasingly sexualized way. 

Lukas worries that if he admits what is happening during the sessions, the scientists will shut the experiment down. Increasingly obsessed with the woman, protective and possessive, Lukas will do anything he can to keep the situation from disappearing.

The Hollywood Reporter  said of the film, “Trippy in the best sense, Vanishing Waves adds a healthy dose of eroticism to its familiar sci-fi genre. …Vanishing Waves—a multiple prize winner at last year’s Fantastic Fest–exerts a haunting, hallucinatory pull that effectively makes the viewer feel as if he’s entered a dreamlike state himself. Don’t be surprised if interest in sensory deprivation tanks suddenly takes an upswing.”

Luke Mullen, of FilmSchoolRejects,  reviewed the film, saying,”…the type of film that just flies completely under the radar. Vanishing Waves is just that kind of film, that seemingly comes from nowhere to blow audiences away. …Vanishing Waves is a smart, intense science fiction film. It features an incredible score that underlines the film’s themes and emotions. It’s beautifully framed and filmed, creating a captivating world with a large scope. While the technology is certainly important, it’s really a film about two people connecting against the odds. Quiet, cerebral and engaging, Vanishing Waves is just the type of intelligent film the sci-fi genre needs.”

Vanishing Waves is available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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