“Villa Des Roses” Is The Story Of Love, War And The Loss Of Innocence

May 1, 2017 — 
Villa des Roses tells a story of consuming heartache, the kind that often comes with war.

Just prior to the First World War, Louise Créteur (Julie Delpy, An American Werewolf in Paris, Lolo,), recently widowed, must leave her son behind and move to Paris in order to find work. She ends up as the chambermaid at a run-down hotel called Villa des Roses, where a somewhat derelict group of inhabitants has taken up lodging.

Grieving and lonely, Louise falls hard for one of the lodgers, a German artist named Richard Grünewald. He is a ladies’ man, seemingly far less involved than the lovely Louise. Their romance, complicated by the time and place, propels the story.

The cast includes Shaun Dingwall, Shirley Henderson, Timothy West and Harriet Walter.

Angus Wolfe Murray (Eye for Film) said of it, “Although a small film, it has fireworks in its heart. The performances, especially Delpy, Henderson and Walter, are exquisite.” Delpy has attracted an ever-expanding audience through her performances in Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and After Midnight

The film was nominated for three British Independent Film Awards and won The Hollywood Film Awards Discovery Award.

In English and French with English subtitles.

Watch Villa des Roses on Amazon Video.

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