Watch Burt Reynolds In “Hollow Creek,” Available March 1

February 26, 2016 — He was one of the screen’s biggest stars during the 1970s – 1980s.

Burt Reynolds, who turned 80 last week, had been a leading man on television since the early 60s, but it was with the movie Deliverance (1972) that he became one of the most bankable stars in film. He went on to star in numerous big screen successes, including The Longest Yard, Cannonball Run and the Smokey and the Bandit franchise; he was frequently voted Favorite Male Star (People’s Choice) and worked with many of the greatest actors in Hollywood.

After a period of decline, his career was resuscitated by his remarkable performance in the film Boogie Nights, for which he received an Oscar nomination.

He often claimed that his decision to pose naked for Cosmopolitan magazine adversely affected his chances for getting an Oscar nomination for the movie Deliverance.

His career is also notable for two of the roles he chose not to play: he was offered the part of James Bond after Sean Connery left the franchise (he didn’t believe Bond could be played by an American) and he refused the role of Han Solo in Star Wars (so did Nick Nolte).

He has successfully played in comedies (Forget About It, Starting Over, The End), action movies (Sharkey’s Machine, White Lightning, Big City Blues), and has been a star in both television and the movies for decades.

Watch Burt Reynolds in one of his most recent performances. In Hollow Creek, a gripping thriller/mystery/ghost story, Reynolds plays a grandfather whose grandson has gone missing.

Hollow Creek is available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray, available March 1, 2016.
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