Watch One Of Morton Tyldum’s Early Films — The Charming “Buddy”

February 24, 2017 — Kristoffer is having a tough time. His girlfriend has left him, his job has no future. 

But when his video diaries show up on a television talk show, his quirky view of the world becomes a media hit. Suddenly he finds himself an overnight celebrity, with all sorts of possibilities opening up for him.

He will soon discover that instant celebrity has its drawbacks, as well. His diaries revealed a number of secrets he had no intention of making public, and some of those secrets involve his good friends — who are less than amused at having their off-the record discussions open to the public without their permission. 

His life is upended in all sorts of ways he could never have imagined, and he will have to go to great lengths to regain the friendship and trust of the people who mean a great deal to him.

Buddy is one of the earlier directorial efforts of Morten Tyldum, who has gone on to direct acclaimed films like The Imitation Game (Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley) and Passengers (Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt). And although it is less well-known, Buddy was an audience favorite and award-winner during its festival run, with 6 major wins throughout the circuit.

In Norwegian with English Subtitles.

Watch Buddy on Amazon Video.

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