Watch “Smoking/Non-Smoking” On National Smokeout Day

Smoking Non-Smoking

November 19, 2015 — Today is the American Cancer Society’s National Smokeout Day.

In honor of that ideal, FilmRise presents Smoking/Non-Smoking, a compelling movie based on a number of true stories.

Lucie Arnaz plays Eleanor Jordan, a wife and mother who suddenly finds herself on trial for murder after her 47-year old husband dies of lung cancer brought on by second-hand smoke from Eleanor’s long smoking habit. And while the case at first seems frivolous, a number of circumstances cause the case to gain momentum.

First, an aggressive and ambitious Assistant District Attorney (Carlos Leon, The Big Lebowski, The Woodsman) gets involved in the case and decides to run with it. And Eleanor’s son makes the decision to testify against her, blaming her for the death of his father.

The film balances the trial, flashbacks of the family, the deliberations and some of the outside issues that inform the jury’s personal decisions — including a side story starring Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men, The Attic).

It also confronts issues of balancing personal freedom and personal responsibility .

The question “What did she know and when did she know it.” also looms over the jury who has to apportion guilt.

Watch Smoking/Non-Smoking at FilmRise.
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