Watch “The New Detectives” And See How Real Forensic Scientists Solve Crimes

February 1, 2017 —  Sherlock Holmes may have been the first (fictional) consulting detective to use science and evidence — as well as a remarkable sense of deduction — to solve crimes. But even he would have to admit that today’s detectives have knowledge, techniques and abilities he could not have approached.

The New Detectives are men and women who use scientific techniques and fields — anthropology, physiology, chemistry, entomology, psychology and computer technology — to solve today’s crimes and learn the truth behind mysteries that have baffled others.

High tech detection allows these crime-solvers to recognize the meaning and relevance of clues left behind.

DNA analysis, forensic sculpting, handwriting analysis, psychological profiling, ballistic evidence and forensic photography are just a few of the techniques used by the investigators to solve real crimes and apprehend real criminals.

Originally seen on The Discovery Channel, for 9 seasons The New Detectives kept viewers enthralled by brilliant scientists and extraordinary crime solving.

Stream all 9 seasons of The New Detectives on Amazon Video.
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