Watch “Wild Bill” And Wish Jeff Bridges A Happy Birthday

December 4, 2015 — Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges turns 66 years old today.

Bridges has been acting since he was a baby. He was born into a successful acting family — his father, Lloyd Bridges, appeared in more than 150 films, although he was probably better-known as a television actor, having starred in the popular series Sea Hunt, before appearing in the anthology series The Lloyd Bridges Show.

Jeff Bridges’ brother Beau, (Norma Rae, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Witness for the Prosecution) with whom he has acted numerous times, has won three Emmys, two Golden Globes and one Grammy Award. The brothers both started their careers on their father’s television shows.

Jeff Bridges’ first Academy Award-nomination was for his role in the 1971 Peter Bogdanovich film The Last Picture Show, when Bridges was just 22 years old.

Throughout the next 45 years he would star in many successful films which would enhance his reputation as one of the screen’s best and most popular actors. Tron, King Kong, Cutter’s Way, Starman, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Fearless, The Fisher King and True Grit are among his best-known films. He would win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Crazy Heart. But perhaps his most famous and most popular role is that of “The Dude” in the Coen Brothers’ movie The Big Lebowski. Bridges has said it is the role with which he most identifies.

Watch Bridges in a role he seems born to play — that of Wild Bill Hickock, the legendary lawman and gunfighter of the Wild West, in the movie Wild Bill. The majority of the film shows the frontiersman at the end of his life, after too many gunfights, too much gambling, too much liquor and too many stints as Sheriff in far too many horrible towns. Although he was only 39 when he died, Hickock was worn out, probably ill with syphilis and was suffering from failing eyesight — a serious problem for a gunfighter. Flashbacks convey the once young man who became a legend. 

The film boasts a remarkable cast. 
Ellen Barkin (Sea of Love, The Big Easy) co-stars as Calamity Jane. in addition, the cast includes John Hurt (1984, Crime and Punishment), Diane Lane (Inside Out, The Perfect Storm), Keith Carradine (McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Nashville, Lake City), David Arquette (Scream), Christina Applegate (Anchorman) and Bruce Dern (Coming Home, The Cake Eaters).

Watch Wild Bill on FilmRise to celebrate Jeff Bridges’ birthday.

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