Watch “Years Of Living Dangerously” On Ian Somerhalder’s Birthday


December 8, 2015 — Today is the 36th birthday of actor Ian Somerhalder.

Somerhalder had already been acting in movies and television shows for seven years when he began playing the role of Boone Carlyle on the popular television show Lost (a role he played for 28 episodes over the course of three years). But  his role as Damon Salvatore, in The Vampire Diaries made him a star.

He has won numerous Teen Choice awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Young Hollywood Awards. 

But the other side of Ian Somerhalder that fewer people are aware of is that he is a serious advocate of protecting the environment and animals. He has set up The Ian Somerhalder Foundation whose mission is “…to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.”

In keeping with these concerns, Somerhalder is one of the hosts of the Showtime documentary series Years of Living Dangerously which explores the affects that climate change has on human life. He and  Harrison Ford (Star Wars)Matt Damon (The Martian, The Departed)Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Flipper: The New Adventures, P.U.N.K.S.), America Ferrera (Ugly Betty), Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda) Michael C. Hall, Olivia Munn (The Daily Show), Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas Friedman (Searching for the Roots of 9/11,  Straddling the Fence) and Arnold Schwarzenegger are all featured in this Emmy Award-winning (Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series) series. The final episode of the first season featured an interview with President Barack Obama.

A second season is expected to air late in 2016.

Executive producers for the series included James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic), former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator), Jerry Weintraub and environmental activist Daniel Abbasi. 

Reviews for the series were glowing. The New York Times said of it”…this is the best American television series ever done on climate change.” The Guardian would go even further, stating the series is “…perhaps the most important climate change multimedia communication endeavor in history.”

FilmRise is proud to present the entire first season of Years of Living Dangerously.

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