Watching Too Many Violent Movies Turned Him Into “Evil Ed”

January 24, 2017 — This movie is for everyone who, as a child, got pulled them away from horror films by their mother who claimed they were too violent for impressionable young minds.

Maybe she was right.

Evil Ed was a gentle, unassuming film editor in Sweden whose specialty was working on moody, Bergman-esque films. But suddenly Ed’s job changes and and he finds himself cutting together miles and miles of violent and gory movie footage.

Viewing all of this carnage eventually drives him to a crazed, gore-filled rampage.

Partly a spoof of some of the most famous splatter films — The Evil Dead, Halloween, The Shining — Evil Ed has its own high body count and significant gore content.

Filmed in Sweden and dubbed into English, Evil Ed, which has become an underground cult classic, is both parody of bloody horror films and a horror film on its own.

Evil Ed is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.
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