When Innocence Is Not Enough — These People Were Convicted Of Crimes They Never Committed

June 29, 2017 — We believe that the justice system will work for us. That the guilty will be punished and the innocent will go free.

But what happens when that doesn’t work — when the innocent get swept up into the justice system, and their protests of innocence are not heard.

Struggle for Justice
recounts true stories of people wrongfully convicted of crimes, who were sentenced to prison — some for years, even decades — before they were exonerated.

Season 1 of Struggle for Justice follows ten cases where the Canadian Justice system got it wrong, condemning innocent people who ended up spending time in prison. Time they did not deserve. Time they will never get back.

The crimes they were convicted of varied: murder, rape, robbery, breaking and entering. In some cases there were eyewitnesses who either lied or were mistaken. In other cases, the prosecutors did not release information that would have helped exonerate the innocent.

One man lost his children due to the miscarriage of justice that put him in prison; another committed suicide from the shame his conviction left with him.

These are real stories of real people whose lives were turned upside down by miscarriages of justice they could never have imagined.

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