When The Nice Guy Next Door Turns Out To Be A Madman…

April 13, 2016 — Sometimes the unspeakable has an ordinary appearance.

Blue Family, based on a true story, concerns a man doing horrible things for years in his unremarkable home in the suburbs — and neither his neighbors nor his associates had a clue that anything awful was going on.

Over time Armando has kidnapped three women whom he keeps chained up in his home. The women, Erin, Julia and Jessica, endure sexual abuse, torture and daily fear; they bond together to keep their slim hopes of release alive.

Meanwhile, their families are doing whatever they can to discover what has happened to these women. The families could never imagine that their daughters are so close by, suffering torments at the hands of a madman —  and praying for release from their daily routine of torture and degradation.

Blue Family is a tale of horror and misery, but it also the story of the faith that these women had that they would endure and find a way to get back to their families, and the connection they form to help each other through their ordeal.

Watch the trailer for Blue Family.

Blue Family is available on DVD and Blu-ray.
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