White Girl Has Created Controversy Wherever It Was Shown

April 28, 2017 — People love it or hate it. You have to see White Girl for yourself, and make up your own mind.

It is the story of a young woman’s summer in New York while she waits to go back to college. She plans to have all of the fun she can, and it never occurs to her that her intentional wildness could be doing damage to others.

Reviewers have strong opinions:

Esquire:“Elizabeth Wood’s party-monster rager of a film made much of this year’s lineup look anemic. A phenomenal, no-holds-barred Morgan Saylor lets it rip as a messy, coke-snorting, drug-dealing young woman who has no clue what the hell she’s doing or who she’s hurting in New York, yet gets away with it because, well, she’s a white girl. The fact that it was one of the festival’s most divisive films is a testament to its relentless, messy honesty: Wood both assembled one of the best (and most diverse) acting ensembles of the festival and established herself as an exciting director to watch, with real cinematic chops.”

And Ain’t It Cool News:“To call WHITE GIRL provocative would be a vast understatement. Wood gives viewers little time to breathe between the countless scenes of indulgent sex and drugs. The challenging content is essential to Wood’s confrontational style and themes. The non-stop madness is what sweeps viewers up into the film, taking us on a physically and emotionally draining ride. …With WHITE GIRL, Wood does so much more than simply shock and titillate. This is an important film, an essential film of its time. It forces viewers to confront their notions of race and privilege and re-evaluate what it really means to be white in today’s America. Beautifully shot and frustrating as hell, Elizabeth Wood’s WHITE GIRL is kind of glorious, and dare I say it, magnificent.”

Glamour: “What makes this debut great is that the hazy rush of drug-addled scenes and sexual encounters runs on an undeniably strong political backbone of judicial injustice, gender dynamics, and racial profiling. It’s a must see.”

The Guardian: “
Buttons will definitely be pushed by White Girl, but after the moral panic hopefully people will still be talking about the film itself.

The Special Director’s Edition Blu-ray features surround sound, the official “White Girl” theatrical trailer, press teaser trailer, bonus features including director’s commentary (with writer/director Elizabeth Wood, producer Gabriel Nussbaum, actors Morgan Saylor and Brian Marc), exclusive deleted scenes, the audition tapes of Morgan Saylor and Brian Marc, special extended “Gratuitous Party” footage along with English subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired.

You can purchase White Girl on DVD or stream it immediately on Amazon Video.

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