“White Girl,” Is Sexy, Provocative And Explosive

June 12, 2017 — Leah (
Morgan Saylor, Homeland), is  a college sophomore whose summer in New York becomes a search for thrills in the forms of sex, drugs and partying with a thoughtlessness that shows no concern for consequences.

As a pretty young white girl with cherubic blonde hair, she is used to things going her way, and she has no understanding that life doesn’t work that way for everyone. Consequences are for someone else.

Her internship at a hot magazine is a job most young people would love to have, yet she uses her time getting high and having sex with her boss.

She becomes involved with her drug dealer; when he is arrested and faces a long jail sentence, she tries to protect him.

Along the way she is forced to confront issues that her Midwestern, privileged upbringing never raised: racial profiling, sexual harassment, exploitation, the abuse of power and income inequality. She comes face to face with the reality that her world has been protected; her white girl background has provided her with a safety net many of those around her will never know.

The film has already drawn comparisons to Larry Clark’s Kids in its sensational depiction of drug use and sex.

Co-starring in the film are Brian “Sene” Marc (Major Crimes), Justin Bartha (The Hangover) and Chris Noth (Sex and the City, Law and Order).

Reviews have been ecstatic.

“’White Girl’” is a movie you can’t easily shake off” — IndieWire

Screen Crush: “White Girl Establishes Wood As A Brazen New Talent To Watch.”

The Guardian: “Buttons will definitely be pushed by WHITE GIRL, but after the moral panic hopefully people will still be talking about the film itself. “

Glamour: “What makes this debut great is that the hazy rush of drug-addled scenes and sexual encounters runs on an undeniably strong political backbone of judicial injustice, gender dynamics, and racial profiling.  It’s a must see.”

You can get White Girl in the regular DVD version or you can get the Special Director’s Cut on DVD or Blu-ray.  Or you can stream the film on Amazon Video.

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