“Women Behind Bars” Presents the Unvarnished Reality Of The Lives Of Female Inmates

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April 1, 2016 — Before there was Orange Is the New Black, there was Women Behind Bars.

For three years the documentary television show Women Behind Bars brought viewers the real stories of crimes and their perpetrators — and brought them into the world of women confined to prison for serious crimes.

Sometimes the women take responsibility for the crimes; sometimes they do not. Some of the sentences imposed on these women seem too heavy, some too light.

The backstories vary; the empathy (or lack of empathy) that the viewer feels for each alters with each new situation and the issues leading up to the crime. 

Murders, attempted murders, kidnappings, rapes and robberies are described, often by their perpetrators who now sit in prison.

For three years and more than 30 episodes, Women Behind Bars presented the stories, the emotional, moving and difficult lives, and the criminal acts of women who find themselves in prison for significant periods of time.

Stream full episodes of Women Behind Bars instantly here.
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