WE tv profiles the lives of women who have been convicted of murder in this moving series, ‘Women Behind Bars‘.  Hear the stories of how and why they committed their crimes, and what it’s like to be incarcerated.  Directed by Richard Swindell.


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1. Women Behind Bars Episode 1: Stacey and Charity: A man who had molested his daughter for a number of years is shot and killed by his daughter. Next, a murder witness is tortured and murdered by a gang member.

2. Women Behind Bars Episode 2: Cindy and Jennifer: A look at the stories of two women who were convicted of murdering their mothers.

3. Women Behind Bars Episode 3: Rose and Celeste: A woman who was convicted of murdering her lover while in a drug induced fight and a woman who killed her grandmother are featured.

4. Women Behind Bars Episode 4: Peggy and Susan: The stories of one woman who was convicted of the death of her adopted daughter after a beating, and a handicapped man who was pushed into a river by his wife.

5. Women Behind Bars Episode 5: Delpha and Carmen: A woman tells her story of why she hired a hit man to kill her fourth husband. Next, an addict served watch as a fellow gang member robbed and murdered an unsuspecting man.

6. Women Behind Bars Episode 6: Virginia and Diane: Profiles include a woman who murdered her own father and stepmother for money; and then a woman who was with her husband.

7. Women Behind Bars Episode 7: Patricia and Rebecca: Profiles include a woman who shot her husband who had been abusing her. Then, a woman who suffers from a bipolar disease killed her 5-year-old step-daughter after giving her a beating following an argument.

8. Women Behind Bars Episode 8: Deborah and Maryann: Profiles include a woman who murdered her own parents, and a woman who assisted in a robbery and murder along with her husband.

9. Women Behind Bars Episode 9: Celeste and Bernice: This episode features a woman who persuaded her lover to murder her husband, and a mentally challenged man who was tortured and then killed by a woman.

10. Women Behind Bars Episode 10: Roena and Connie:  A female cabdriver kills a man after he accuses her of stealing from him. Then, a store clerk is killed by a woman who participated in a liquor store robbery.

11. Women Behind Bars Episode 11: Leslie and Deana:  Profiles include a mother who shot her two sons dead, and a woman who is believed to have caused an explosion which killed her boyfriend and his parents.

12. Women Behind Bars Episode 12: Rita and Chanel:  A woman finds herself included in the charges against her husband who had beaten a gay man to death. Then, a mother is convicted of the murder of her 8-month-old child.

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