You Do Not Want To Make “The Black Cat” Angry

February 6, 2017 — A paralyzed psychic takes control of the mind of his black cat and uses the animal to takes revenge on his enemies.

But which one is really in control?

Famed horror director Lucio Fulci brings his distinctive style to this retelling of a tale by Edgar Allan Poe. Patrick Magee stars as Robert Miles, the wheelchair bound psychic who can communicate with the dead (and can even record their voices) and who feels the need to take out revenge on numerous people.

The set-up is working fine for the deadly pair until a photographer working with the police notices scratches on several “accident” victims and begins to investigate. Her investigations lead her suspect Miles’ cat had a part in the deaths — and the cat is displeased to hear of the woman’s suspicions. Having done its owner’s bidding for so long, it’s understandable that the cat now feels it is only fair that the owner should help out…

The Black Cat is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.
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