You Might Want To Make Sure That You Are Not Alone When You Watch “Home Invasion”

March 28, 2017 — On the night her home was broken into, Nicole Johnson (Lisa Sheridan) may have thought her actions were justified. 

She shoots and kills Will, the intruder. Any court would call this self-defense. 

Unfortunately for her, Will’s girlfriend Jade (Haylie Duff, 7th Heaven, Napoleon Dynamite) doesn’t think so. She’s angry at the way the robbery went wrong, at Will’s partner Ray (C. Thomas Howell), who survived the robbery.

But mostly Jade is angry at Nicole. And she is planning to get revenge on the woman whose home was broken into.

Of course, Nicole has no idea who Jade really is, so her first step is to befriend her boyfriend’s killer and get to know her. Get into her world.

But the plan doesn’t stop there.

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