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1275 Days

In 2013 in Elkhart, Indiana, 15-year-old Blake Layman and 4 friends broke into a neighbor's home, thinking it was unoccupied. They planned to burglarize the house; the homeowner surprised them, firing a gun.

One boy was shot and killed. Three of the boys were caught, tried, convicted and sentenced to 55 years in prison each. For years, Blake’s family and girlfriend worked tirelessly to get his sentence reduced.

1275 DAYS explores juvenile incarceration and politics in America and exposes the financial and emotional burdens that the families face. It paints a vivid picture of being young while facing an extreme jail sentence.

Coming Soon on Demand — March 2020

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A Film By

  • Katie Green & Carlye Rubin


  • 2019


  • 81 Minutes


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  • Blake Layman