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Party Girl

PARTY GIRL tells the story of Mary (Parker Posey), an NYC nightclub scenester and social butterfly who rules the underground party scene. By day, however, she lacks purpose and enough funds to make rent. When her aunt gets her a job at the local library, Mary initially waffles under the constraints of the system but eventually and unexpectedly flourishes as a librarian, maturing significantly in the process. The film features a laundry list of notable actors including Liev Schreiber, Guillermo Diaz (SCANDAL) and John Ventimiglia (THE SOPRANOS) while brilliantly shot on location in pre-gentrification Lower Manhattan.

"What makes it delicious fun is Posey, a party girl for the ages" — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
"PARTY GIRL, a rambunctious cartoon of a movie, creates a small but zesty inside portrait of a time-honored New York scene-maker: the haughty young queen of the demimonde, flitting from party to party, from dance club to dance club, gliding through the champagne night on her looks, her clothes, her kitschy downtown élan" — Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

A Film By

  • Daisy von Scherler Mayer


  • 1995


  • 94 Minutes


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  • Parker Posey
  • Omar Townsend
  • The Lady Bunny
  • Anthony DeSando
  • Guillermo Diaz
  • Liev Schreiber