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The Greatest American Hero

A high school teacher named Ralph is given a special suit by a group of aliens. Wearing it gives him superhero powers, but when he loses the instruction manual that goes with the suit, he has to learn to control those powers by trial and error. He goes on missions intended to fight injustice around the world; collaborating with him are an attorney and an FBI agent. William Katt, Robert Culp, Connie Sellecca and Michael Paré star in this lighthearted science fiction and adventure series.

Television Series

  • 1981 – 1983


  • 60 Minutes


  • William Katt
  • Robert Culp
  • Connie Sellecca
  • Michael Paré

Guest Stars

  • Markie Post
  • Danny Glover
  • Joe Mantegna
  • André the Giant