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The First World War

In 1914, decades of European resentments and rivalries finally exploded into a massive war — a conflict far larger, bloodier and longer-lasting than anyone could have imagined. The conflagration that resulted reached far-flung corners of the globe and affected many of the countries of the Earth.

This 10-part series describes the origins of the war which began as a local territorial dispute in the Balkans, trench warfare, the brutal naval war, the battles on the Eastern and Western fronts, the territorial angers that turned this into an unexpected bloodbath, the bitterly resented unconditional surrender of Germany and the upheavals caused by this conflict that changed the world forever.

Based on the book of the same name written by Oxford professor Hew Strachan, this comprehensive account dispenses with outdated myths about the war and uses fresh footage to reclaim the narrative of this global conflict.


  • 2003

Run Time

  • 500 Minutes


  • Jonathan Lewis